Fun casino has been and is still an extremely popular way of entertaining guests at many different kinds of functions/events. Whether you are intending to raise money for your nominated charity or spice up your wedding reception the entertainment value for your guests is immense and will be talked about well after the dust has settled !!

Casinut offer you the facility to hold a fun casino, at a venue of your choice, and a worry free time. We work hand in hand with the organiser and make sure absolutely everything is taken care of from the word go. As a recommendation, when booking your fun casino 2 or 3 casino tables will accommodate up to around 100 guests. The casino tables can host 7/10 players. The size and location of the venue should be considered and if any other entertainment is running in conjunction with the casino night. The Standard Package allows any combination of two tables for your enjoyment but can be added to with prior notice.

How does it work ?

Guests of your fun casino will each receive fun money which can be exchanged for chips at the tables. Fifty pounds of fun money is the norm but it can be any amount to suit the occassion. Once your guests have their chips, the action begins! Our croupiers/dealers will help with any queries or questions regarding any aspects of the casino either at or away from the tables. There will also be access to rules for all of the casino games played with casinut.

What we can do for you

  • Individually tailor your fun casino prior to booking the date, time etc.
  • Casino tables in choices of Bottle green, Royal blue, Red or the ever popular burgundy.
  • Fun money to exchange for chips (unlimited)
  • Croupiers and dealers
  • Professional standard chips, cards and accessories
  • Background music is available if required. Themes from casino royal, the sting, other movies or 60`s, 70`s etc.
  • Instructional easy to follow information, for all, on how to play and the rules of the games for your Day/Night
  • Normally around 3 hours playing time
  • Winners certificate presented and prizes where applicable on completion

Good luck at the tables & live the dream………casinut

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