Two casino tables of your choice with Gangster & Molls casino props and decorations. By far the most popular tables the world over are Blackjack and Roulette and with at least one of each at your casino you are sure to have a successful evening entertaining your guests.
Gangster film theme music is playing in the background as your guests arrive and VIP sign takes you from the entrance to your casino tables.
There is a bit of gangster in all of us and whether you are Bonnie, Clyde, Al Capone or Bugsy Malone the entertainment is fantastic value.

Giant fun games of Connect 4 and Jenga can also be provided for any children (of all ages!!) if required.

The croupiers/dealers will be in evening dress and will hand out the fun money prior to your casino opening. The blackjack and roulette tables open for a duration of approx. 3 hours. Any additional casino tables you wish to hire will cost £165.00 to include all accessories and the dealer/croupier
Any prizes will be presented to the overall chip leader once the casino tables have come to a close. A bottle of bubbly is always a nice way to bring the curtain down for the highest roller.

Good Luck at the tables……….casinut