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Texas Hold’em has become the game of choice for most players around the country who prefer the challenge of a Home poker tournament. There are several advantages to playing in a home poker tournament. One advantage is that it has a fixed cost, the players know ahead of time the cost involved and many newer players are willing to sit down at the table when they know that the most they can lose is a predetermined amount. They look at it as a fixed “entertainment” cost. Another advantage is that home poker tournaments are also a great way to introduce new players to the game without them feeling intimidated as they would sitting down with a group of strangers down
the local Pub or card room.

Before we “Shuffle up and Deal”

Prior to the event we will have set out the detail for your own private tournament taking into consideration the experience levels of the players. This in turn should make any tutorial a little easier and make for more time playing the game. If there are any players who have not played the game before, but are keen to learn we can play a few open hands and make you into championship material in less than 30 minutes!! Our dealers will always introduce the tournament and go through the detail with all of the players to ensure everybody is aware of the blind times, any convenience breaks that have been scheduled plus of course the prizes that are involved.
The Cash/Prize tournaments we run vary enormously but you will know your players and you should know where to set any price of entry or blind levels.

The structure

All of the casinut poker tournaments are tailored to your specific requirements and built around the evening you are planning for your guests. After a short introduction for all players we would expect even players with NO experience to be looking to win the tournament !!!
This is a very brief look at what we can do for you but if there is anything you would like us to introduce to your tournament please ask – anything is possible. Enjoy your Tournament/Cash game and let your friends know about us.

Good luck at the tables………..casinut

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